Being aware of your thoughts

Lets have a little think of how we feel when we’ve been chatting to someone who’s feeling very negative.

Do you try to cheer them up?
Do you try to help find them solutions to their problems?
Do you just listen?
Do you do nothing but just let them remain negative?

If your like me then I like to try and cheer them up and make them feel better about themselves, looking for a way to help them feel happier with there situation.

So why do we find it so hard when the self doubt starts to kick in? Once we get hold of a negative thought it just seems to snowball, our mood can start to spiral in a downward motion, and then before you know it we’re in a seriously negative mood about anything and everything..

Why do we tolerate our own negative self talk within our own minds?

Why are we unaware of our own critical conscious thoughts?

How can we start to pay attention and be aware of our own self worth, and more importantly how can we become a positive friend to ourselves?

Start by becoming aware of our own thinking patterns and paying attention to what we’re saying to ourselves. We may be surprised at how negative we are actually being with ourselves, when we consciously start to notice these thoughts, and notice the feelings and opinions we are telling ourselves and intervein them with a little compassion, love and gentleness, it helps us to replace negative upsetting self talk with positive, kind and compassionate self talk.

As you become more aware of your own patterns of thoughts you will enable yourself to be the friend to yourself that you are to others, therefore living a more positive happy life.

Have a great day.

Sarah XX